3 Reasons We Should Prioritise Solitary Prayer


Sure, we’re all busy. But there are some things integral to our spiritual health and closeness with the Lord which we ought to prioritise; prayer is one of them.

In my quiet time for today I read through Mark 1:35-39, a passage detailing Jesus’ early morning venture off to a solitary place to pray. And since my ‘resolution’ for this year is to pray more, I thought I’d share some cool insights God gave me as to why we should make time for solitary prayer:

1. It Was A Priority For Jesus

Jesus is the author and perfecter of our faith (Heb. 12:2), and our example of how the Christian life should be lived. Prayer was obviously a priority for Jesus, and so it should be for us. Prayer was His way of being in constant communion with the Father, discerning His will in where He ought to go and what He ought to do. Which leads to the next point:

2. Being Solitary Allows Us To Hear Undistracted

This is certainly not something I can feasibly do every day (I have a toddler, after all), but now and again, when I feel the distraction and busyness of life, relationships and all my thoughts clouding out what God’s Word is saying, I know I need to make solitary prayer a priority. Having a quiet time of the day, free from technology, other people or any distractions, is a setting in which I can fix my eyes on Jesus, and pray. I often like to prepare in my quiet times by asking the Holy Spirit to clear my mind, and teach me something new which I can apply to my life right now, or something I can use to encourage someone else. And He never lets me down!

3. We Become What We Worship

As we spend regular times in solitary prayer, increasing our friendship and love for God through reading His Word and communicating with Him, our faith is strengthened, we’re untangled from sins, and we get a clearer picture of God’s will for our lives. And as we do this, the more time we spend adoring, praising, and petitioning our Father, the more like Him we become.


If you feel as though prayer is not a strong suit of yours, you’re a beginner, or you often just don’t know how or what to pray – then can I encourage you to look at the Psalms as a guide? They’re a great starting point (or any point, really!), and fantastic for those dry seasons when we’ve gotten so lost in our lives and ourselves that we don’t even know what we need to pray for. There are Psalms for everything, but starting with Psalms of praise is a great way to connect with God ever closer, and refresh the soul.

Happy Praying! 🙂


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