Godly Motherhood: The Most Profitable of All Holy Service



It’s a lot of things to a lot of people. The word can bring to the mind joy, sorrow, excitement, and terror – sometimes all at once.The role and work of motherhood is a perfect design for women – meant to bring about great joy and satisfaction in rearing children in the Lord. But sin, self-exaltation, discontentment and abhorrent cultural values have churned out a definition of motherhood that is nothing short of a disappointing, intrusive past time.

Many mothers in the church struggle with issues related to identity, joy, loneliness, contempt, jealousy, laziness, covetousness, and lack of trust and joy in God. We yearn so much to feel pleased with our work; to remember the responsibility to which we have been called. And yet the depth and difficulty of it often goes unnoticed and unappreciated, leaving us wondering what all the hype in the bible and church is about.

The bible has much to say on the importance and nobility of motherhood – and we should ponder it daily – but often times, we can also find encouragement from other places.

Such a piece came while I was earlier this week reading Charles Spurgeon’s “Being God’s Friend”. This caught my eye, and left me speechless:

“The bringing up of families is a very important matter. This topic is neglected too much nowadays;

however, it is the most profitable of all holy service,

and is the hope of the future.

Great men, in the best sense, are bred in holy households.

A God-fearing example at home is the most fruitful of religious agencies.”

Wow, what a powerful statement! A man who is well known for his power and tenacity as a preacher, and for his heart for God, names a holy household as the breeding ground for holy men (and women). That is so encouraging for us as mothers!

Though our work oft go unnoticed, and though our tears and sighs from a weary mind and tired body go unheard, our work is a most fruitful one: because not only will we see the physical ‘fruit’ of marriage that is our children being brought up and taught the way they should go in life, but we will see fruit that comes about from our devotion in the form of their own trust in God for salvation and hope, God willing.

A godly household is all it takes to start a holy legacy – bound together in the love of Christ, and sustained by God’s Holy Spirit through the joyful, thankful obedience of the mothers who sacrifice their very selves for the good of our children and, most importantly, God’s glory.


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