A Festive Update


It’s been almost two weeks that we’ve been without internet (and we just got connected today) so I thought I’d give a bit of a summary of where our little family is at, and what we’re looking forward to this festive month!:

  • We have moved from a tiny, compact 2 bedroom unit duplex to a larger, 4 bedroom house with a sunroom – and settling in nicely!
  • At almost 36 weeks pregnant, I’m pretty tired – and most things are uncomfortable – but aside from that, doing well and even enjoying being pregnant (sometimes 😛 ).
  • Most of my doing well is due to the fact that I get to see lots of friends this week for various Christmas celebrations – I can’t thank God enough for the refreshment my wonderful friends bring to my life.
  • God has given me so much grace and growth over the last weeks. God uses the discomforts and waiting of pregnancy, as well as my bible readings, to mould me into a more patient, blessed person. I find I’m much more patient, thankful, gracious, and I’m finding humility in light of Christ’s sacrifice and love much more instinctive – praise God!
  • My husband and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary last week, hooray! Can’t ask for a more God-honouring man to share my life with and call my best friend.
  • Looking forward to a wonderful, friend-and-family filled Christmas…
  • … With little Nathan’s arrival sure to follow sometime in January!

I hope you’re all staying cool and breezy in the summer heat – or warm, if it’s winter where you are! – and are preparing for a God-glorifying, joy-filled, amazing Christmas!


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