How do you Worship?


I haven’t posted in a while – mostly due to a very busy weekend, and also due to the fact that I’m working on a talk I’m giving next week at a Ladies Night during a mission trip to Schoolies. Ministering to women is probably my favourite way to serve, and I’m so excited and honoured to have the opportunity to speak into and build up other women of God!

One of the things I got up to on my busy weekend was going along to a young adults worship night at church. I hadn’t been to one before, since my husband and I live so far from our church and it’s hard to work out a time that suits. But I’ve been desperate to go, especially in lieu of my son’s impending birth.

It was incredible. Looking around the dimly lit auditorium it had been rearranged so that we could all sit together as one, and worship our Lord in fellowship with one another. It was a night of beautiful music – new and old. We sang together, prayed together, and shared together. It was like a movie-trailer preview of what heaven will one day be like. And it got me thinking about how we respond to worship – what do we do exactly, when a song comes on and we hear the praising voices of our Brothers and Sisters? How do you personally worship and connect with God? Do you look around you for clues as to what the ‘right’ way to worship is? How do you experience and enjoy God while worshiping in truth?

For me, my richest and most natural response to worship is to write out a Psalm of praise and thanksgiving. I find it to be a process that snuffs out my worries and concerns for myself, and instead turns my soul’s attention to the greatness and glory of God. And I wanted to share that with you; I hope it will encourage you to think about worship, and the way you best respond that magnifies His glory and magnificence to you.

“Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.”

Colossians 3:16

A Psalm Unto The Lord

God is the one who holds the sun, and its light, there is none beside Him!

I am blessed and humbled to shine His light in a dark world; He is Almighty God, I am His servant.

No one can fathom the depths of the Lord! No one can fathom how worthy He is; of love and glory and honour and praise! How great is the Lord! How Almighty is His Name! How unsearchable is His wonderful love!

O Lord, I love praising you – together with all the saints. Father, my heart longs for the day when we as your holy church will sing together for you in worship, in your glorious presence, forever! How wonderful it is to sing to the Lord! How warm He makes my heart when I enjoy Him in worship.

Be one with the Lord, be one with Him in all your heart and mind. In all your prayers be true to Him – for He is so faithful, and full of love. The Lord is strong to take your burdens; He will uphold you in your trouble. Be real with God and He will strengthen you with unimaginable strength and fortitude. By His sustaining grace shall He sustain you.

You are God our great defender! Strong in love, forever faithful – we are yours, and we will trust in you!

Now my soul cries out! Hallelujah! Praise and honour unto thee, Lord! Blessed be your holy Name!

O God be my everything, my delight! Be Jesus my glory, my soul satisfied!

O Lord, may I ever draw near to you. My soul, my soul! Do you now know the Lord? Your Creator and master, your redeemer and friend. O soul, do not be dismayed, and pay no mind to evil men, do not indulge the passions of the flesh, do not try yourself with fear and doubt.

The Lord is good in all He does – He is good to those who love Him. Those who trust in the Lord have a happy home – their hearts find true rest. O Lord, that I would enjoy you day and night – this is my desire. Cast out my sinful heart – restore me in godliness and righteousness. Be ever with me, my faithful God and Father.

For your goodness is ever before me – in your holy Word I find your heart. In Scriptures are treasures great and true – words that cannot contain your greatness. In worship I am happy – I am filled when I love you. You are just amazing – could I ever have enough of you? Your grace abounds to me.

Replace the lamp of my first love with holy fear.

Lord, I love worshiping you – let me never forget that! O soul, don’t be distracted – love the Lord with a pure and undivided heart.

The waves and wind still know His Name! He is so mighty in power beyond all comprehension. His eyes are set on those He loves, His heart set on the saints! His power and goodness upholds us – so it is well with my soul! He is all powerful, Almighty God – who can withstand the love of the Lord? His love is amazing! None can fathom its depth.


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