Pray This Hallow’s Eve


In lieu of tonight’s Halloween festivities, there are a multitude of opinions about whether or not Christians should participate, and the extent to which they do. I don’t have a particular affiliation either way – I won’t be participating, but only because I’d rather snuggle on the couch and eat candy with my husband!

If you would like a great source that talks about the origins of Halloween, what it entailed in its day, and how Christians can use it as a time to share the Gospel, I recommend the post by Travis Allen here. However, I think it’s times like this that are great reminders for us to be prayerful.

In particular, pray for:

  • The safety and protection for all children who are trick-or-treating
  • The parents who are either taking their children out, or handing out candy – that they would be safe, vigilant, and wise with how they direct the night
  • Those who do not know Christ to realise that there really is a supernatural world, and that they need a Saviour to save them from imminent destruction and separation from God if they do not believe the gospel
  • The Christians who are participating; that they would be discerning, alert, prayerful, and eager to sew the gospel into the festivities for those in their community
  • Protection against the Devil’s schemes and deception
  • Lots of fun!

Whatever you’ll be doing tonight – whether it’s trick-or-treating, watching scary movies, having friends over for a party, or just hanging out at home – I hope and pray that you’ll be safe, prayerful, and have a Christ-glorifying fun weekend! 🙂


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