“Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.” Psalm 95:1

Exams are being completed. School and university terms are finishing. Summer – and Christmas – are drawing closer: it’s almost the festive season! And the main reason for the festivities is the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. What a wonderful event to celebrate! Our God, who is rich in mercy, made a way for us to be saved from sin, and to have eternal life enjoying Him forever.

But what about our life here on earth? Are temporal things still worth celebrating? Jesus seemed to think so: having attended a wedding, and performed His first miracle there (John 2:1-11). Although we know that nothing on earth will last, it is good for us to encourage and celebrate with others the blessings that God gives us here. For example, last week my husband had a job interview (his first ever interview) and we were told not to have high expectations, since academics rarely receive a job offer from their first interview. But by God’s grace and favour the panel were very impressed, and instead of giving him the job he applied for, are considering offering him a 12 month contract instead! We celebrated with a night out at our favourite ice cream place – the best way to celebrate!

Finding little things to celebrate each day helps us to stay humble and thankful. So what about you? What events or achievements have happened lately that you can celebrate and share with others? End of exams? Finishing that project or book? Finally working up the courage to overcome something you were anxious about? Praise God for all of the ways He blesses you, and celebrate!


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